Key Features:
1.An in-house antibody database with 30,000+ sequences (germline, mature, recombinant) and 600+ crystal structures.
2.Uses a proprietary homology-scoring algorithm on the basis of sequence & structure similarity to select the top-score human antibody frameworks.
3.Uses a proprietary 3-D structure modeling-based approach to identify the human FR, Vernier zone, and canonical structure residues to guide selecting potential residues that need to be back mutated to restore CDR conformation and optimal antigen binding.
4.T-Cell epitope screening is included in the humanization design stage to remove possibly immunogenic sequences.
5.Flexible packages are available to meet customer requirements. You may choose to include/exclude however many stages in your final package. (eg. SDR grafting is included in premium package to further improve the humanness).
6.Antibody humanization from any parental species (eg. mouse, rat, rabbit, camel). For mouse and rabbit species, we guarantee humanized antibodies retain >80% binding affinity of the parental antibody.
Antibody Humanization Service

Material Requirement:
1. Hybridoma cells (mouse, rabbit, et al.) or Sequences of VL and VH.
2. Antigen and assay protocol for measuring binding affinity (preferably ELISA).
1. VL and VH sequences of chimeric antibody and 3 humanized antibodies in pUC19 vector.
2. Purified chimeric antibody and 3 humanized antibodies (1mg each in human IgG1 format).
3. Study report including experiment protocols, purified antibody QC, binding affinity data.