Recombinant Protein Expression in E.Coli System
The advantages of using Escherichia coli (E. coli) as the host organism are well known: i) It has unparalleled fast growth kinetics; ii) High cell density cultures are easily achieved; iii) Rich complex media can be made from readily available and inexpensive components; iv) Transformation with exogenous DNA is fast and easy. So, E.coli protein expression system is now the most wide-used and economical expression system for many investigators.

Yurogen has successfully delivered over 10,000 different recombinant proteins using an E. coli expression system. Our protein expression experts offer custom bacterial expression services with cutting-edge solutions for balancing expression yield, protein solubility, and activity. A customizable workflow provides our customers the flexibility to choose an option that fits their protein purification and characterization requirements, including codon optimization, gene synthesis, small-scale testing, and scale-up.
Service Features
Customized Solution

Professional AI assistant structural analysis and expression strategy design. Tailored solutions to meet specific needs.

Large-Scale Production Capability

Ranging from milligrams to grams upon request.

Comprehensive Qualification

Multiple platforms available for QC, including Mass Spectrometry, SEC-HPLC, cIEF, etc.

Phase ITarget Protein Analysis

Conduct structural and biological analysis on the target protein, provide a comprehensive protein expression proposal including the selection of inserts, fusion protein tags, expression vectors, and strains.

2 business days
Phase IIGene synthesis and plasmid construction

  • Codon optimization and gene synthesis
  • Expression plasmid construction and sequencing
  • Delivery of sequencing report (Optional)

5-10 business days
Phase IIIaProtein Expression : Pilot expression

  • Perform pilot protein expression in a 3-5 mL system, including two different protein tags and two combinations of expression conditions
  • Evaluate protein expression, solubility, and yield by SDS-PAGE and/or WB analysis
  • Deliver protein pilot expression report

5 business days
Phase IIIbProtein Expression: Large-scale expression and purification

    Based on client’s requirements, perform scaled-up expression:

  • Soluble proteins: One-step affinity purification based on the selected tag.
  • Inclusion body proteins: Protein refolding and purification.
  • Quality Control of purified protein, including SDS-PAGE, WB (Optional), SEC-HPLC (Optional), capillary electrophoresis (Optional), and intact mass spectrometry analysis (Optional).

10-15 business days